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Old Man Winter is a Bastard

Michael Buckley

Let’s face it: Winter kind of sucks. For me, it’s a goal-killer. The thought of carrying groceries through the Polar vortex makes ordering a pizza extra appealing. The dozen or so layers of clothing required to get from Point A to Point B make me want to hibernate inside my apartment. I find the bare trees and grey skies depressing. It’s a fight to remain motivated, and there are times that Old Man Winter, that cruel bastard gets the best of me.

My feelings about Winter are similar to the feelings a lot of folks have about exercise. There are so many deterrents to get started (or keep going) the little struggles; injuries, age, the soreness, the time requirement.

Whatever your goal-killers are, you are going to need some hard-hitting tools to overcome them and take action.

One of these tools is perspective.

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