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5 Biggest Fitness Industry Lies


5 Biggest Fitness Industry Lies

Michael Buckley

What if I told you… ?


You can lose fat and gain muscle with minimal exercise and without giving up the foods you love.

You can have a 6-pack in 6 Weeks.

All you need is this one thing.

You can look like the AFTER picture below… but better, you’ll be lean and/ or jacked, ripped or toned.

It’s easy!


If that all sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is. The Fitness Industry is filled with Filthy, Fucking Liars Trying to Make a Buck and here is a List of


The 5 Biggest Fitness Industry Lies



You can’t just keep doing what you’ve been doing and get fit. Getting in shape requires trade-offs and discipline and sacrifice. It’s like anything else in life. You have a job because you need money to buy things. The expectation is that you will show up (close enough to on time and, at least visibly, sober), do enough to keep getting paid and act professionally while you are there. You can’t just show up and do whatever you damn well please. As fun as “Tell-Off-My Boss Tuesdays,” sounds in theory, you probably only get to do it once before you’re cleaning out your desk and being escorted from the building by security.


And, sure, people will sell you on plans where you can eat whatever you want. Just not too much of it. Or during certain hours. Or just take this probiotic and you’ll be fine. Or… eat whatever you want except for carbs or sugar or gluten. Or… eat whatever you want for two days a week and on the other five days drink this special blend of water and cayenne pepper seeds and—just to make it somewhat palatable—a packet of sugar free-Jello mix. Sounds sustainable, right?


Here's the truth and it’s free: Move more, eat less, eat real food.


2)      a 6-pack in 6 weeks

A 6-pack is a lifestyle, not a fitness goal. You have to be okay with not eating food that tastes good most of the time, working out intensely, consistently and over a long period of time. It means you bring your own food from restaurants. You sneak a protein cookie into the movies “as a treat.” You’re that person. Someone with a 6-pack is ripped. You don’t need to be ripped. You can be fit and seriously upgrade your life.


You don’t need a 6-pack. You don’t need to be ripped. You need to be fit.


Being fit means being leaner (less fat), stronger (you have muscles on your less fat body) which makes you look sexier which makes you feel sexier which is sexy and that makes you look sexier…


And you can’t turn your beer gut into a 6-pack in 6 weeks. Sorry.


If you went to a doctor and he had a certificate from a 6-week program hanging on his wall, would you let him perform surgery on you? (“What? That program was just like 4 years of medical school without all the boring science.”)


Fitness isn’t something that happens for 6 weeks, you put in the work and move on with your life. Fitness is forever. A complete transformation takes time but if you are paying attention you will start to see and feel little changes immediately and constantly. It’s all a matter of being present and checking in on where you are after each workout.



Come on, man. You need a lot of things. Effort, discipline, consistency, patience, rest, a strong mind game. There are so many factors involved in becoming fit and most of them don’t cost a penny, you have the capacity to access these things, but in order to tap into them, you need practice. It’s not easy but it is so worth it.





Why measure your success using a picture of somebody else as your reference? I’m never going to look like The Rock. The Rock is a 6’5”, large-framed, genetic marvel. He also works out for 2 ½ hours a day and eats clean nearly all day long, every day except for on his cheat days, where he eats something like 3 dozen cookies, a Sushi boat, and a foot-high stack of pancakes. I’m 5’10” and… not The Rock.


Being fit will change your life. And if you stick with it, you will continue evolving and improving, you will literally and figuratively keep getting stronger. Why cheat yourself out of your own journey.


Don’t cheat yourself out of your own accomplishments by comparing yourself to other people. Your accomplishments are out their waiting to be realized—they’re yours and you should acknowledge them, own them and celebrate them.


5)      It's easy.

If it was easy, you’d already be fit. Without struggle, there is no progress. You are the protagonist in a great underdog story and you can do it; overcome the obstacles, beat the odds and emerge as a stronger, better version of yourself. There is a hero’s journey waiting for you to take it.


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