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Michael Buckley

The Winter, and the holiday season in particular, can be challenging for many of us. For those of you struggling this time of year, I want to let you know...

Just have to feel the feels sometimes. It’s all you can do. Try and repress that shit or run from it and you’ll just add to the pile of problems nipping at your heels in your frantic attempt to flee from them or blunt them, it never works and is usually (almost always) destructive. When life puts you to the test (and it will), when you have setbacks or inconveniently-timed, unexpected challenges, you need to remind yourself, “I am going to come back better, stronger and with the wisdom that can only be obtained through struggling, overcoming obstacles and coming out the other side.” ... Right? Right. 

Now acknowledge whatever it is you are feeling, breathe it in, breathe it out. Cry if you must (and sometimes you simply must), laugh about it (once you are ready)—a beautifully joyful and distinctively human concession, accepting  the absurdity of having free will on a planet where there is so little within your control. (A gift, really. Do you want that kind of responsibility?) ... Okay, great. Now get back out there.