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Push Up-Palooza: The Fit as Buck Push Up Challenge


Push Up-Palooza: The Fit as Buck Push Up Challenge

Michael Buckley

Push Ups have withstood the test of time, and with good reason.  In addition to hitting the chest, shoulders and triceps, they also engage the core, legs and glutes.

Here’s a workout made up of three variations on this FITNESS CLASSIC!

The Challenge:

Perform 10 reps of each of the Following without Breaking. Rest for 1-Minute and then Repeat the entire Sequence Twice (3 Total Rounds)

Push Ups

Push Ups

The Original. When performed correctly, a damn near perfect exercise.

Traveling Push Ups

Traveling Push Ups

You don’t need to run, bike or use a Stairmaster to get your cardio in. This Push Up Variation will get your heart pounding like a triple shot of espresso.

Decline Push Up

Decline Push Up

An advanced version. Your core kicks into overdrive as your entire body works to balance. This forces the body to expend a ton of energy, making this variation a calorie crusher.

How’d You Do?

Can’t do a Push Up?

Try This:

Scapular Push Up.gif


- As your chest moves toward floor, squeeze shoulder blades.

- As you come back up, think of it more as pushing back than pushing up with the meaty bottom part of palm.

- When you return to starting position, pause for a moment and then press down on your palms as you allow your body to become concave.

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