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Summer, we miss you already


Summer, we miss you already

Michael Buckley

When I left my house this AM it was 5 degrees F but, according to, “feels like” -14 degrees. (I always wonder how that number.) This winter, I am determined to stay summer lean all season. In the past, I have put on weight when the weather gets cold. I walk less, I get the winter blues and tend to self-medicate by eating junk, and my workouts suffer as a result. This year I have a plan in place to beat the Winter Blues and its side effects.

1. Daily gratitude lists to put things in perspective so I don’t let the dreary weather make me feel dreary

2. Focusing on how good eating well makes me feel and function. (As opposed to obsessing on the foods I shouldn’t eat.)

3. I bought a super warm, obnoxiously big winter coat so I can walk from session to session rather than taking the subway or cabbing it.

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