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I’m still not quite sure if finding Michael Buckley was pure, unadulterated luck or merely a gift from above, but I assure you, he is the best. He is rich in knowledge, comforting to those who are afraid or need a slow pace in the beginning and one of the kindest men I’ve ever met. Plus, he’s absolutely beautiful!
— Daniel B., Yelp review
He truly gets the mental blocks that can stop some people from exercising, and he helped me to overcome those. I can honestly say that the mental and psychological benefits I got from training with him were possibly even better than the physical ones (and the physical ones were good!
— Erin W., Yelp review

Want to hear a dirty, little secret?

Fitness is hard. 

No one wants to tell you that. Most fitness programs and products stress easy, fast, unrealistic results.

Here's the good news: Although reaching your fitness goals may not be easy, it is possible. 



Working with Michael was totally life-changing! His awesomeness goes way beyond being a great trainer - he is so knowledgeable about the human body and the latest scientific research. I felt like I could ask him any question about diet or exercise and he always had an answer! I feel so lucky that I found him!
— Tali F., Facebook review


My name is Michael Buckley.

I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer located in New York City with 15 years of fitness experience. I offer in-person, one-on-one personal training as well as personalized remote training packages. I will push you to not only reach your goals but to exceed them!



I have firsthand experience in exceeding goals. 

I went from the last kid picked in gym class... 


To this... 

I've seen it happen time and time again...

I went in with specific goals: improve posture, strengthen my back and manage sciatica pain. I achieved all those in less than 2 months. To say 3-5 hours with Michael per week is worth it would be an understatement.
— Heather L. Yelp review
With Michael’s guidance, I went down 2 sizes and the dress actually fit like a glove.
... if you have an event coming up, if you want to look hot for summer, or hot for anything, get this guy on your side. Good luck with your journey!
— Shelly S., Yelp review
I’m a 52-year-old relatively lazy woman who at the time had not an ounce of muscle… Through creative, comprehensive and rarely boring exercises, I have become stronger and much more lithe! … So if you’re a kinda lazy person like me who wants to finally get into great shape while really ejoying the excersise experience, I highly recommend Buckley Body Solutions!
Michael works with me - not some abstract idea, but me, and he cleverly guides: “think you got 10?” and now I’m all “I got 12”!. Never thought I’d get to this and am amazed at my own strength and stamina. There is no yelling, there is no shaming, there is support, guidance and kindness. I’m happy, healthy, injury free and have boosted my confidence and marketability; win-win-win!
— Sherry S., Yelp review
A trainer with empathy? Yes. And when I was injured (from work) he had great variations on exercises so I could still benefit from a full workout.
— Nikki H., Yelp review
Kind, Attentive, Creative and Kinda Hilarious! From working with my insane schedule to writing a customized meal plan for me, Mikey is in a league of his own! I’ve had several Trainers before, and this one made me want to work harder and become better.
— Sedrick R., Buckley Body Solutions, Facebook review