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Customized Nutrition Guide

Customized Nutrition Guide 

Most diet books are based on an unattainable, unrealistic set of ideals. 

Imagine a short diet booklet completely created for you based around the foods you like, the reality of your lifestyle and considering your dietary needs and goals. 

After an intensive consultation in which we cover topics such as about the foods you like, the foods you dislike, your favorite treats, your day-to-day schedule and other factors that affect the way we eat, I compile a 10-12 page book of nutritional guidelines with your specific dietary considerations in mind.  

Your Personalized Nutrition Guide Contains:


  • A customized grocery list made up of foods you don’t mind eating
  • A prep list for each week so you always have healthy options available
  • Meal suggestions to take you through a typical day
  • Suggestions on WHEN and HOW to eat based on your schedule
  • Sample recipes based on foods you like
  • A list of modifications for better options on your favorite “treat” items 
  • Common sense, easy-to-understand nutrition tips to help you create sustainable, healthy eating habits for life
Personalized Nutrition Guide
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