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Erin Winebark

Michael Buckley

“Michael is as good as it gets! I'm so very much NOT an exerciser, but with Michael's encouragement, I completed his week-long boot camp. Seriously, I became *that girl* who was getting up at 7am every day to work out. I even posted a workout pic on Instagram. I know. But that's how much of an effect he had on me. He is knowledgeable, funny (even at 7am), and most importantly to me, compassionate. He truly gets the mental blocks that can stop some people from exercising, and he helped me to overcome those. I can honestly say that the mental and psychological benefits I got from training with him were possibly even better than the physical ones (and the physical ones were good!) I highly recommend him, and when I become rich and famous, I will hire him for all-the-time training.”

-Erin Winebark

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